Dr Steven Greer of The Disclosure Project Held A National Press Club Event Last week. At The Event 6 Witnesses were able to give brief testimony to the public/press attending in person & virtually. This Event, was from a good hearted place. However in terms of the scale, it paled in the shadow of David Grusch and his story/claims. Total Disclosure Covers this As well as The David Grusch Testimony this week in our Sunday Podcast.

David Grusch’s Testimony, Its credibility, Demeanor, body Language were analyzed as well as each of his claims. Not only by critics but, by the UFO community & Beyond. Mainstream media has yet to pick up the story, letting it as of now, stay dormant as an issue for the Intelligence community.

Episode Summary: “The UFO Whistleblower David Grusch Character, his Demeanor and Believability. Should the World Believe David Grusch and His explosive story of Extra-Terrestrial Crafts intact held by the military/industrial complex, bodies recovered, and crash retrieval plans and methods.

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