The roots of the UFO mythology can be traced back to the mid-20th century. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, a series of high-profile sightings of strange flying objects sparked widespread public interest. One of the most famous cases was the 1947 sighting by pilot Kenneth Arnold, who described seeing nine saucer-like objects flying in formation near Mount Rainier, Washington. This incident, along with subsequent reports, fueled a surge of UFO sightings and media coverage.

The Early Days

In 1947, another pivotal event occurred that would contribute to the UFO mythology—the alleged crash of an extraterrestrial spacecraft near Roswell, New Mexico. The military initially stated that a “flying disc” had been recovered but later retracted the statement, claiming it was a weather balloon. This incident ignited conspiracy theories and suspicions of a government cover-up, adding fuel to the UFO mythology.

The Surge in UFO Sightings

During the 1950s and 1960s, the UFO mythology further expanded with the emergence of contactees—individuals who claimed to have had direct contact with extraterrestrial beings. Betty and Barney Hill, had their encounter, and were the first ever widely publicised Alien Abduction Stories, and it came out on accident, by way of a leak. There were other Contactees like George Adamski and Howard Menger shared stories of encounters with humanoid aliens who provided messages of peace and spiritual enlightenment. While the experience they were telling could or was frightening to think, that an alien could take you at anytime, the messages were. mostly peaceful and soft. These accounts captivated the public imagination and became part of the growing UFO lore or Origin.

The Confusion

The UFO mythology continued to evolve in the following decades with numerous reported sightings, abduction accounts, and conspiracy theories (As Labeled Such By The CIA). The 1970s saw the release of books like Erich von Däniken’s “Chariots of the Gods?” which proposed the idea of ancient astronauts influencing human civilization.

Hollywood, Pop Culture & “Aliens” Or UFOS

Popular culture, including movies, television shows, and books, also played a significant role in shaping the UFO mythology and spreading its influence to a wider audience. Many Say that certain directors were advised by people “In The Know.” A Fact Many Don’t know, but even this was the case with Steven Spielberg and his relationship with Dr. J. Allen Hynek, the Famous Lead scientist for Project Blue book, a public facing program that at the time investigated UFO events as they occured in real time, an effort that up until then, had mainly not happened. This was the pre MUFON days, In Fact, the Year that Project Blue Book closed its doors, Mufon opened its own.

“Close Encounters of the Third Kind”

Project Blue Book’s Lead scientist helped Steven Spielberg with certain shapes of craft, sounds, noises, and the film (“Close Encounters of the Third Kind”) mainly follows the path of a specific landing case at an Air Force Base In the United States. There were minor changes, and alterations, or what we call “The Hollywood Touch,” added to a dramatic story of alien visitation, however that may not be too far from the truth of it all, think about that for a moment?

While the origins of the UFO mythology can be traced to real sightings and events, ones that even pre-date the Trinity Case, The Roswell Case, and even the latest Case that has come out, involving the vatican, in 1933 helping or being cooperative in the cover-up of a crashed ship from another world, dimension, etc. This Is being brought out by UFO whistleblower David Grusch, whom i Wortre another article about, as well as have done countless podcasts and YT Videos, which are all linked below!

The History

The UFO Lore has also been fueled by hoaxes, misinterpretations, and the human tendency to seek answers for the unknown. That same Dr. J Allen Hynek classified sightings into 3 separate types, but even he admitted 95% or more cases can be explained prosaically, however, it’s that last few percents that we want to follow up on, continue to investigate using the scientific method.

The desire to believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life and the possibility of contact has propelled the UFO mythology into mainstream consciousness. This Is not to say that UFOs aren’t real, in fact, i truly believe they are, and the Government is finally being pressed to tell the full story, the way they know it to be. After David Grusch, The Ball is in the Court of the Department of Defense, and the Pentagon, because, this will shape how future whistleblowers, even being protected, will go about the process.

The Modern Day UFO

Today, the UFO mythology and lore continue to evolve, aided by the internet and social media, where countless accounts and videos circulate, both genuine and fabricated. The Fabricated have become so real, that no video, or photograph would ever suffice as 100% True Capital “D” Disclosure. Especially with the advent and advancement in Artificial Intelligence. The fascination with UFOs persists, and has been gaining a lot of traction not only ny The Public, But congress, and other Military/Government Folks. People strive to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos and explore the possibility of other intelligent beings in the vastness of space, while we continue to do this, much is speculation, but what we are discovering about the universe each day at NASA, and the work that has been being done to legitimize the relationship with talking about this subject seriously, and investigating, using the scientific method.

Severing The Stigma- One Doctor at at time…

One such person is Dr. Garry P. Nolan Out of Stanford University. Another, Avi Loeb, of Harvard University, Both whom are working on the Galileo Project collecting massive sets of data from hotspot UFO activity zones . Whether the truth behind the UFO mythology will ever be fully revealed remains a tantalizing question that keeps the intrigue alive, but for the first time in most people’s opinions, TOTAL DISCLOSURE may be right around the corner. and it could be used as a bargaining chip with Political realms, chatter in which I have been hearing more frequently.

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