Canadian Memo From MOD Confirms Existence of US Crash Retrieval Program?

UFOS and Crash Retrieval Programs- Have been at the forefreont of UFO breaking News the Past 2 weeks! This time, From Canada.

BREAKING- “The Metaphoric Ball Keeps Rolling in Terms of the UAP/UFO topic.” Whether it’s regarding News, Updates, and CREDIBLE Claims or Documents. A Week & some change after the David Grusch Story & Bombshell claims about Extraterrestrials, UFO Crash Retrieval Programs, Alien Bodies, & Reverse Engineering of Technologies not of this earth. All done In secret, hidden deliberately, as well as actively repressed, & oftentimes in downright criminal ways, suppressed. A new document has been released By Jeremy Corbell & George Knapp Via Weaponized Podcast.

The Email…

The Email/Document, written by Larry Maguire [The MD] Ministry of Defense is basically telling the boss, “Hey, After Meeting with Colleagues (US Counterparts), Some stuff is about to come out, and we need to get in front of it, for not only the ensurement of public trust in government, but as to stay relevant on a Global scale.”

Alien Spaceship retrieved By The United States Government. Hidden To the Public
Alien Spaceship retrieved By The United States Government. Hidden To the Public (Photo: AI generated)


That’s paraphrasing of course, and the letter is still yet to be confirmed as 100% genuine by the man himself, Larry Maguire, however Jeremy And George seem to be chasing this story down, and will be doing the verification process, but they mention in the episode that they were sent this letter 3 times, from separate sources, and did verify independently from a source that this is Authentic. The pair seem to just want to follow up with Maguire. In the letter, there is many points that corroborate the story of David Grusch, The UFO whistleblower in which came out last week [VIA The Debrief]


UFO Crash Retrieval Programs Are nothing new to anyone who is in the UFO Community. However, This memo has come out at seemingly the perfect time. After The David Grusch Story, Mainstream Media Refused to pick up the story, but, with this downright official admission, and clear URGENT tone, that the Canadian Government has A Ways to go before this gets revealed in some manner. Canada, Whom is among the 5 EYE’s [AKA The Allied Countries for instance The US, Canada, UK, Australia] is worried they will be met with a bad response from the public if they are not properly prepared, and caught blindsided if The US were to formally Acknowledge UFO Crash Retrievals are real, and we have been reverse engineering craft of Non-Human-Origin.

This Letter/Email Is Quite the document to arise. It explicitly pertains to UAP collaborations between the Allied Countries [or the “5 EYES”] cooperation amongst to work on Elaborate & precise Crash Retrieval Programs. These aren’t the retrievals of test aircraft. The MD specifically is referring to craft of Non Human Origin, the weight this holds is HUGE! It is becoming clear that inside the governments of the world, there is a scramble to get ahead of this. The United States seemingly has always been the most active within Government when it comes to UAP research (Lately Especially.) However, they are not the only ones with skin in the game. This has been speculated for awhile that this is exactly the case amongst UFO researchers.

In Conclusion…

Canada Is gearing up for some type of formal announcement. What that could be, from whom, or where it comes, is still a mystery to the world. However, 1 thing is for sure, there is no putting the genie back in the bottle this time. The pressure is at a breaking point between the people who want to know & the people that do know. The Veil In becoming thin, and it’s time the world get some answers.

Amendment: Larry Maguire- Asking questions about UAP In a Standing Committee on Natural Resources(March 2, 2022) Hearing from 1-Year ago, which can be seen below.

Via Daniel Otis On Youtube.

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