Mainstream Media & Its connection to The DEEP STATE/Intelligence Community

The Deep State and The Intelligence Community, And Mainstream Media- Why Hasn't the david Grusch Story been picked up?

In an explosive article & subsequent News Nation interview. Whistleblower Testimony, in which was given to The Debrief Via Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal, as well as Ross Coulthart [News Nation] These people, among the UFO Community, would be the best equipped to disseminate it properly, as they have in the past. David Grush [A Former Military/Industrial complex Protege] along with being a professional in Agencies such as the NGIC and NRO has now gone on the record with the above, and his claims have been put forward to the Inspector General, deemed “Credible & “URGENT”.

One thing the mainstream media has decided not to do, is tell the story. The Mainstream Media is seemingly refusing to run the David Grusch Story. Why is, or how could that be?

The Why?

The relationship between mainstream media and the deep state and intelligence community has been a topic of much debate and speculation. Critics argue that the mainstream media acts as a mouthpiece for the deep state and intelligence community, perpetuating their narratives and suppressing dissenting viewpoints. In this article, we will explore the nature of this connection and examine some of the evidence and counter arguments surrounding this controversial topic.

Understanding the Deep State & Intelligence Community

Before delving into the connection between mainstream media and the intelligence community, it is essential to define these terms. The [Deep State] refers to a network of individuals whom often are compromised unelected officials, who wield significant influence over government policy and decision-making processes. The [Intelligence Community] on the other hand, encompasses various agencies/ organizations and are responsible for gathering and analyzing intelligence information to protect national security.

Media Ownership and Influence

One argument supporting the connection between mainstream media and the deep state is the issue of media ownership & influence. A handful of large corporations dominate the media landscape. Critics argue that these conglomerates have close ties to the deep state and intelligence community. Some allege that these entities use their influence to shape media narratives in favor of their own interests, thereby suppressing alternative perspectives. We have seen this happen over and over again.

Selective Reporting and Propaganda

Another point of contention is the phenomenon of selective reporting and the spread of propaganda through mainstream media channels. Critics argue that the deep state and intelligence community manipulate information and plant narratives to serve their agendas. This manipulation often involves the suppression of certain stories or perspectives that challenge the official narrative. Critics claim that this control over the media allows these entities to control public opinion and maintain their influence.

Historical Examples

There have been historical instances where the connection between mainstream media and the deep state and or intelligence community has come to light. The revelation of “Operation Mockingbird” in the 1970s, for example, exposed the CIA’s covert efforts to influence and manipulate media organizations for propaganda purposes. While the operation was officially discontinued, skeptics argue that similar practices persist today.

Counterarguments and Media Independence

Proponents of media independence argue that the connection between mainstream media and the deep state and intelligence community is exaggerated. They contend that while media organizations may occasionally report stories that align with the government’s interests, this does not necessarily imply a direct collaboration or a sinister agenda. They argue that journalists and media outlets strive for objectivity, and any perceived biases could be attributed to various factors, such as source access and limited resources.

The Importance of Critical Analysis

Regardless of the extent of the connection, it is crucial for individuals to critically analyze the information they consume. Citizens must be vigilant and seek multiple sources of information to gain a comprehensive understanding of complex issues. It is also essential to encourage independent investigative journalism and support media outlets that prioritize unbiased reporting and accountability.


The connection between mainstream media and the deep state and intelligence community remains a highly contentious subject. While critics argue that media ownership, selective reporting, and historical examples provide evidence of collusion, proponents of media independence emphasize the importance of critical analysis and diverse sources of information. As consumers of news, it is our responsibility to navigate the media landscape with discernment and promote transparency and accountability within the industry.