A Theory Of Everything: “Are We Alone” By Digby Ferneaux

With all that’s going on in the world of UAP (Unidentified Anonymous Phenomena) at the moment – congressional hearings, potential new legislation, and whispers of impending disclosure from prominent experts – it’s hard not to feel dazed and confused about what is potentially going on behind the scenes on Capitol Hill. While there are hearings in Congress on the subject matter, AARO (All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office) seems to have no knowledge or evidence to support the existence of UAP, and as for NASA, I believe their report will also contain nothing of any substance. So why do we have whistleblowers coming forward, including high-ranking ex-government officials claiming knowledge of a secret government crash retrieval program, while the task force set up to investigate this has come up empty-handed?


First, let’s talk about NASA. They have been tasked with delving into the UAP phenomena, trying to gain a glimpse into the unknown, but so far, they have found no evidence of extraterrestrial life in the vastness of space. How could this possibly be true with so many sightings all around the world, especially near testing ranges and Air Force bases? Well, let’s face it; NASA is trained to look at the skies; they’re not necessarily looking at what is down here on Earth. It’s not their specialization, so if they’re looking into space for UAP visiting Earth, why aren’t they finding it when people on the ground are seeing so much?

Secondly, we have AARO, headed up by Fitzpatrick, who also states that they have so far not found any evidence of UAP. Let’s look at the term “UAP”: Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena. If the phenomena we are currently seeing is not unidentified or anomalous at all, then it does not fall under the purview of AARO, headed by the woefully inadequate Fitzpatrick. He has demonstrated his inadequacy by his inability to follow the DOD’s own communications guidelines, as seen by his knee-jerk, defensive letter he posted on LinkedIn, which steers attention away from his inadequacies and instead tries to discredit whistleblowers who never claimed to have worked for AARO. This begs the question, why has AARO not spoken with David Grusch? Why have they not investigated his claims and spoken to his witnesses? For a task force that is set up to explore the phenomena, why are they so woefully inadequate that they are not speaking to the people who claim to have first-hand information such as specific locations and all the necessary people to speak to?

If you’re a government agency tasked with uncovering the truth about UAP, what do you do when there’s no “U” or “A” in UAP?

Roswell- 1947: The Crash Heard Around the World

Since 1947 and the Roswell incident, people have been captivated by the idea of UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Roswell was one of the few true sightings of UFOs. The day after the incident, the US government came out and confirmed that a UFO had crashed, but they quickly changed their statement the following day, claiming it was a weather balloon. This incident in Roswell is one of the first and only true UFO instances. There have been cases in Brazil, covered by James Fox, and instances in Italy, among a handful of others.

Reverse Engineering and UFO sightings

What if I proposed to you the idea that every UFO spotted around US Army bases and training ranges were, in fact, backward-engineered technology that originated from the Roswell crash and similar incidents? These UAPs spotted by US armed forces display erratic flight paths, stopping, spinning around, and moving at incredible speeds. The gimbal footage shows the alleged spacecraft, seemingly rotating on its axis for no apparent reason. These erratic flight paths may seem perplexing for a supposedly advanced civilization with complete control and knowledge over their technology, but what if we’re looking at backward-engineered technology that we own? Technology that we have reversed engineered from their technology. We could easily attribute these maneuvers to stress tests conducted to evaluate the capability of the craft we engineered ourselves. Surely an advanced civilization would not demonstrate its technology in such a way that it would be easily spotted by Earth’s population without making some form of official contact; that would be highly irresponsible and reckless for what I presume to be an advanced and enlightened species. As an avid Star Trek fan, this brings to mind the “prime directive,” to not interfere with civilizations less advanced than your own to not influence their own natural evolution.

“Nothing Coming From AARO”

In my hypothesis, what we are currently seeing is a knee-jerk reaction from the US government because their own backward-engineered technology has crashed in a precarious location, somewhere it should not be, and now the US government is on a race against time to disclose before the information is released by the retrievers of this crashed, backward-engineered technology. Furthermore, this is why NASA and AARO have found nothing, as there’s nothing for them to find. There’s nothing unidentified or anomalous about the craft we are seeing, nothing coming from space for NASA to acknowledge, and nothing that falls under the purview of AARO.

This Author (Digby Ferneaux)found it quite telling that during the U.S Congressional hearing into UAP, not a single representative or member of Congress interviewing the witnesses cross-examined them in any manner. It seemed like a bipartisan effort solely focused on hearing their witness testimonies, suggesting that they had been read in on what was actually happening prior to the hearing. All except a perplexed Mrs. Foxx, who seemed to not want to hear the responses to her questions, deeming it more necessary to waffle on about Chinese spy balloons than to hear any actual evidence.

It is my belief that UFOs or UAPs are real, but what we are currently seeing in our skies may not be extraterrestrial; we are likely witnessing backward-engineered US military tech. It has now reached a point where the US needs to uncover its clandestine operations to the world. They are currently setting up fall guys in the process. They will pass this off as an unacknowledged black project that AARO or NASA should have found out about but were unable to do so, meaning that these government agencies will take the fall, and the clandestine operatives that were really involved behind the scenes will walk away scot-free.

During the UAP hearing in Congress, David Grusch was asked directly whether they had recovered alien bodies from these crafts. He replied, but instead of saying “alien bodies,” he referred to them as “non-human biologics.” David Grusch is an incredibly intelligent and well-educated individual who carefully thinks about his words. The term “non-human biologics” was used for a reason; if you’re an advanced alien civilization, would you risk your craft falling into the wrong hands without implementing some security protocols? The technology might only be usable by individuals of the original species. Now, let’s examine the term “non-human biologics.” It could refer to various things, but what if there needs to be a biological element from the original species to enable us to use the technology? This would mean that in these reverse-engineered crafts, there would have to be non-human biologics present to operate them, such as a sample of DNA or tissue, rather than a complete body.

In the coming months, I believe more high-resolution footage and first-hand witness testimonies will come forward, and this story will break into the world. We may discover that we are not alone, that species from other planets have visited Earth, and that the US government, along with other governments, has backward-engineered this technology, which is what we are seeing today. The simple thought remains: if a highly intelligent extraterrestrial species were visiting Earth, they would not be joyriding their spacecraft around government testing ranges and in public view without making any official contact. As for metallic orbs flying around active war zones, if they were from a highly advanced civilization, they would not need to send a probe so close and visible. This again suggests that it is not alien technology but terrestrial technology backward-engineered from extraterrestrial technology, using advanced technology within our limitations.

What if the US government has been forced into a corner and given a deadline to disclose, whether it be from the extraterrestrials themselves, who have caught us backward-engineering their technology, or because some of the backward-engineered technology has crashed in a way that can no longer be hidden?

As the debate rages on, the fundamental question remains: Are these sightings evidence of extraterrestrial encounters or an elaborate portrayal of terrestrial technology, reverse-engineered from alien sources?

Please understand that this theory is mine alone, and it remains to be seen whether it is true or not, but I invite you to open your mind and consider all the possibilities.

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