BREAKING NEWS: House Committee Hearing On UFOs to Blast Off!

House Oversight Committee to Hold UFO hearings with Key witnesses such as david Grusch and Luis Elizondo (Former AATIP program leader)

WASHINGTON D.C — The House Oversight Committee will be holding a hearing on UFOs. Various Sources have confirmed this. Though it has not yet been listed on the website and docket available for upcoming events. Nonetheless, July 26th, 2023. is the date that has been reported however, no confirmation was given by Rep. Tim Burchett or Representative Luna.

National Defense Authorization Act of Fiscal Year 2024 & UFOs

The comments came hours after Senate Maj. Leader Chuck Schumer[ New York- Democrat] The man who took over for Harry Reid [Reid was well known in the UFO community] Reid can be traced back as the guy who started this whole rollercoaster. Schumer & Sen. Mike Rounds[ R-S.D] introduced an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would create a review board charged with declassifying UFO-related records. This has not been signed into law as of yet but with the prior 2 years. The NDAA of each fiscal year, passed easily, with little argument.

Why do we need UFO hearings?

The hearings, which will be public, have been sourced as having key witness testimony, by folks such as Lue Elizondo. Elizondo, in fact, worked as the group leader of AATIP. Which was an offshoot of a larger program AWSAP Created by the Late Harry Reid.

Remember Him? Reid was interested enough in this subject matter to ask Congress secretly for $22 Million Dollars to fund a program. A Program which was then put out for bid by contract. Robert Bigelow [Founder of Bigelow Aerospace, and Creator of NIDS (National Institute of Discovery Science)] who had already been interested and involved in UFO studies, won the bid and thus created the program AAWSAP Or Advanced Aerospace Weapons System Application Process. Now it is no secret Harry Reid a Democrat out of Nevada, was one of the most powerful people [WASHINGTON D.C] & Bigelow Had a history, both coming from Nevada. It was no shock to learn they gave Bigelow the contract.

AAWSAP- AATIP and Government Programs

Documents (available here) show insights into research conducted by the Advanced Aerospace Weapons System Application Program (AAWSAP), again, a program that overlapped with the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). It can be a bit confusing, but essentially, they are one and the same. Both were funded by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), a division of the Department of Defense (DOD). AAWSAP and AATIP focused on the potential use of far-term technologies in defense and military settings. However, On paper, they may have been doing that, but in reality, they were using Skinwalker Ranch, Mount Wilson Ranch, and Many other Paranormal/UFO hotspots, purchased at one time or another by Robert Bigelow for observing and recording phenomena, in the hopes to understand it, whether used for military, or industrial purpose.

The Whistleblower

UFO technology, if found, and mastered, could change the world in just a few short years. The Implications are incredible. David Grusch, A Former member of The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, as well As A Former NRO member. Grusch and his claims of The US government having reverse engineering programs. Crash retrieval programs, in which we have recovered off-world, non-human craft. In some cases, even the pilots of said craft. All of this is being hidden from the US Populus. As well as most, if not all of the Politicians in Congress and the Senate. this Story, which was first published by our Colleagues over at The Debrief. Followed by an Explosive video interview on News Nation hosted By Ross Coutlhart has been all over the internet (Not mainstream media oddly enough).

“Whether you like him or not”

Tim Burchett [Republican representative out of Tennessee], whether you agree with his political ideas or stances, has remained on a war path when it comes to UFOs and Government Secrecy. Burchett openly said that he believes the [U.S] government has gone as far as Criminal activity to keep this secret. That it is about time that the public knows the truth. Burchett & Representative Luna will lead the hearings.

To speculate to a degree, this truly could be the first time we have hearings that disclose something. In the right setting. Witness testimony. Congressional credibility, with the right questions, asked, and an informed House Committee! The storm just might be perfect enough, to bring this story where it should be. FRONT & CENTER.

This is the biggest story in human history, and there will always be the folks that feel the need to go against the grain. Mick West, Steven Greenstreet, [Insert Skeptic/Debunker here] Etc. These are all people that I will be very interested in hearing from post Hearing. It is time to get on the right side of History. Congress Wakes Up the Media, The Media Wake Up The People, And then The People bring it home. We need this story out there now more than ever! Well keep exploring the unknown, but… let’s do it together!

House Oversight Committee to Hold Groundbreaking UFO hearings this month! Via TDP Studios on YouTube.

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